Miami is Nice

A Queer Paradise Where Love Wins

“Miami is Nice” was a monthlong public group art exhibition, queer performance series, and gay wedding celebration inspired by the hit 1980’s television show The Golden Girls set in tropical South Florida, offering an escape to a queer paradise: a world in which love wins.


Location: Baltimore, MD

Venue: Spacecamp gallery

Date(s): October 7 - 28, 2017

Hashtag(s): #miamiisnice #miamiisniceexhibition 

Photography by: Tiffany JonesKiirstn PaganAkea Brown


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Reviews from the community

A Creative Union redefines wedding traditions.

“What’s interesting about all of the different events embedded in Miami is Nice, including the opening, wedding, and additional programming, is their cohesion and diversity. This project makes you aware of just how much space exists within the contemporary wedding tradition to subvert, destroy, and rebuild what, for many humans, is the most sacred event of their lives.”

— Cara Ober, Hyperallergic

A Creative Union is about expression.

“Miami is Nice' is an amalgamation of healthy nostalgia and the romance of new wave art. A beautiful curation of pieces that would swoon the soul of any 80s enthusiast. The fact that the collection of works were brought together to celebrate the union of two souls makes it even more magical. The energy of the space has been ingrained into my memory; this exhibit was truly unforgettable."

 Rich Rocket, artist

A Creative Union is about inclusivity.

“This show completely blew me away. I was so overwhelmed not only by the large collection of queer art speaking on a variety of important issues and experiences, but also simply by the existence of this show. As a queer artist, I’ve felt isolated and as if my work wasn’t important. Just as a queer person I’ve felt isolated and unimportant. This show told me directly otherwise. Not only did it say "There is a place for you” it also showed me undeniably that queer love exists.”

— Chris Chapa, artist

How it all started

It is absolutely astounding & beyond any magic we know of or have ever witnessed. You have helped us make this queer paradise, birthed from a short + sweet converation in a car in 2015, into a neon dreamscape, a 1980’s stunning extravaganza, an ultimate gift, just....everything.
— Always, Zach + Nick

The team behind Miami is Nice (Left to right: Michelle ivette gomez of creative unions event design, zachary z. Handler, Nick horan, carlyn thomas of Terrault gallery.)

Nick & Zach first e-mailed me in 2016 wanting to share an idea they had for an art exhibition/wedding they were planning and suggested may be the perfect person to curate with, "not to mention, their new best friend ; ) ". After just having come up with the idea to integrate contemporary art into weddings, Zach & Nick quickly became Creative Union's pioneer clients for the 1st ever Creative Union! 

As the months went by, I consulted on the creative direction, language, and concept of their art exhibition to tell their story in a more intentional way beyond a Golden Girls/Miami themed wedding. Along came co-curator, Carlyn Thomas from Terrault Gallery to help us source artists from all over the country through dozens of individual artist invitations and a call for art that attracted over 80 artist submissions.

With a team of four neon art lovers, we spent two years developing our biggest project yet, "Miami is Nice". After countless e-mails, phone calls, and meetings, we then nailed it down to an 80's, joyful, neon, tropical, pastel, Art Deco, Golden Girls, inspired art exhibition featuring 45 artists. I then oversaw the design of the show, co-wrote the educational texts, and with the help of friends, family, and volunteers, we installed one of the most exciting art shows Baltimore has ever seen! 

Our mission was completed as we created a 1980's Miami escape from the struggles of being queer under today's political climate. This art exhibition and series of programs was open to the public and served as the ultimate setting for a gay wedding celebration in order to inspire a world where love wins. Three public events became a natural part of the exhibition as imagined by Nick & Zach, so that the greater Baltimore community could enjoy the month long exhibition with the help of Creative Unions Event management and Consulting services. 

Michelle was absolutely instrumental in the planning of our wedding. She helped us organize our thoughts and kept us on track through weekly check-ins during the year leading up to our exhibition. She helped shape the vision that Zach and I dreamt up and assisted us in selecting the artists that made up the month long exhibition. We are forever indebted to Michelle for her foresight and charm over those crucial planning months. Miami is Nice was a huge hit in large part due to that early collaboration. She was attentive and helpful in that first incubation period and we would fully recommend Creative Unions if you are looking for someone to help you realize your dream event. Thanks for everything!
— Nick Horan

Feeling inspired?  

Did you just realize you too can get married in a specially curated art exhibition? Your Creative Union is your unique love story expressed through art. You are the tastemaker, so...