3 Questions To Ask Your Date During Miami Art Week 2018

Photo by  Laura Memory

Photo by Laura Memory

I think art gallery & museum dates are DA best! See 10 reasons why here.

But the main reason why I love art dates? It’s an intimate time to dive into deep AF conversations, to understand how your partner thinks, and understand how they interpret the symbols, colors, and metaphors found in art. Simply put, the interpretation of art is a projection of the soul.

And fun fact! I used to work as a museum educator where I learned the secret strategy to facilitating the best conversations through art. It’s called…Visual Thinking Strategies! (VTS for short)

Photo by  Laura Memory

Photo by Laura Memory

VTS is a teaching method used in art museums to engage with groups of visitors or students. Beyond education, I believe Visual Thinking Strategies are the perfect opportunity to listen to someone, and see how they may express themselves. Especially if your partner’s love language is about spending quality time!

And with Art Basel/Miami Art Week 2018 here, I figured this was the perfect time to learn about the 3 key questions you gotta ask your art date so you can learn more about them and the way they perceive the world, while gaining a better appreciation for the role and power of art when applied to your love life (or wedding)! ;)

Photo by  Laura Memory

Photo by Laura Memory

3 Questions To Ask Your Date During Miami Art Week 2018:

  1. What do you see?

  2. What makes you say that?

  3. What more can you say?

3 Tips for practicing Visual Thinking Strategies:

  1. Repeat the answers back to your partner to let them know they are heard and acknowledged! This can also naturally lead to more insights that your partner may want to share when they hear their answer from a different voice.

  2. Feel free to use follow up questions that are not listed above to keep the conversation going.

  3. Take turns picking artworks, switch the table and have them ask you the same questions!

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Photo by  Laura Memory  (PS - I am on the left!)

Photo by Laura Memory (PS - I am on the left!)

Michelle Ivette Gomez is an arts professional with a love for romance and art, and a passion for bringing people together and telling stories through art. She received her MFA in Curatorial Practice from the Maryland Institute College of Art where she focused on co-creative curatorial practice and expanding traditional methods of exhibition presentation in collaboration with communities. As the Founder & Creative Director of Creative Unions Event Design LLC, the first event planning company dedicated to integrating contemporary art into life’s celebrations, she views marriage celebrations as specially curated art exhibitions that bring people together to celebrate and express unique love stories.